About GSF Fintech Project

GSF Fintech Project is an 8-week program designed to accelerate the growth of fintech startups. We are looking for innovative startups that are solving problems in core banking services, wealth management, digital payments, cross-border payments, blockchain, SME lending, Neo-banks, Crypto and NFT.


We will select 10 teams for this project. Unlike an accelerator or bootcamp program, we don’t have daily time-bound sessions to school you. We host talks twice a week and invite topic experts to speak. Typically, these speakers are fintech startup founders, venture capitalists and industry veterans.


We will invest $50k as a seed capital in the startup using SAFE notes. These SAFE notes are founder-investor friendly notes that help them to decide on a valuation.

Why should you join GSF FP’21?

This project is more than just money. Our main objective is to engage with you by providing mentorship, right direction and preparation to scale. We provide you with a large network of experts and investors that you can leverage to scale your business and get prepared for the next round of funding.

Who can join GSF FP’21?

We are looking for bright founders that have a conviction to solve complex problems through innovation. We are happy to back your team even if you have just built your MVP or have already attained a product market fit.

Our Philosophy

We invest in people before ideas. We wish to back entrepreneurs who have a strong sense of purpose. Our key objective is to spur innovation and our larger mission is to provide informed, knowledgeable mentorship capital to the start-ups.

Mentor Founders

Mentor Investors